Mergenet Medical

Mergenet Medical, Inc. is an innovative, technology-driven company that develops and commercializes cutting edge medical devices for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Established in 2004, the company’s current product development pipeline includes:

- HiFLO2®, a family product line of non-invasive ventilatory support systems that deliver warm humidified respiratory gases and are capable of delivering 100% oxygen to a patient without requiring a face mask. The HiFLO2® products deliver conditioned gases through a comfortable nasal cannula at flow rates from 1 l/min for pre-mature infants up to 40 l/min for adults, such as for high flow therapy (HFT). The HiFLO2® Responz™ establishes a new paradigm in non-invasive ventilation through its state of the art pressure feedback control of gas flow, and control of temperature, humidity, and oxygen.

- Trach-Assist®, a family product line of innovative disposable devices designed to help the clinician manage secretions produced by intubated patients. These products are the first of its kind that allow the clinician the ability collect and remove respiratory secretions without having to open or “break” the ventilator circuit. Circuit “breaks” have been identified as major risk factors of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP), as well as lung de-recruitment and hypoxemia.


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